Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is involved in energy metabolism, brain function, and nervous system optimization.  Vitamin B12 also helps to maintain a healthy immune system.  Vitamin B12 can be obtained from dietary sources or from supplementation.

  • Our ability to absorb dietary Vitamin B12 diminishes naturally with age.
  • The absorption of Vitamin B12 is also affected by damage to our digestive tract.  This damage may occur from food irritation, emotional stress, medication use, or antibiotic use.
  • In addition, people who follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diet may be at a risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency since meat and eggs are primary food sources of Vitamin B12.

Quantum Healing is now offering Vitamin B12 injections!

Schedule an appointment to determine if Vitamin B12 injections are appropriate for optimizing your health:  360-734-2131

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