About Dr. Farr

Dr. Autumn W. Farr is a board-certified naturopathic physician with a medical practice in Bellingham, WA. She specializes in anxiety, depression, stress, sleep disorders, headaches, and neurological conditions. She uses a unique combination of nutritional biochemistry, constitutional homeopathy, and naturopathic modalities to help people to feel their best.

Growing up in the remote Glacier Peak Wilderness Area, she was surrounded by the beauty and the healing properties of nature. As a child, her fascination with medicine began the year that she received a Fisher Price doctor kit. Armed with her “doctor kit” and the healing plants of the Pacific Northwest, she set out on her exploration of natural medicines. Her love for the outdoors eventually led her to pursue a Master’s of Science in chemistry at Western Washington University, where she studied environmental chemistry and the development of catalysts to decrease emissions from fossil fuels.

She continued her research career at the University of Washington and was involved in the development of assays for the early detection of metabolic disorders in infants. While pursuing a PhD, she realized that her true calling was medicine. She enjoyed laboratory research, but she was ready to trade in her goggles and lab coat for a stethoscope and an opportunity to share her research in a way that could help individuals with their health. She graduated with her Master’s of Science in analytical chemistry from the University of Washington and transferred to Bastyr University to pursue her medical education in naturopathic medicine.

While living in Seattle, she received mentorship in the areas of constitutional homeopathy, chronic disease, pediatric mental health, and geriatric care. She has also completed additional training in homeopathic medicine from the New England School of Homeopathic Medicine.

Dr. Farr is happy to have the opportunity to return to Bellingham and to share her love of art, science, and nature in a way that is healing to others. Healing can be a deeply personal process and she looks forward to being your advocate along your journey.

Dr. Farr’s interest in science and math was sparked when she was a child and her grandfather gave her a calculator and a promise that one day she would be able to “add big numbers” in her head. This memory of her first calculator is significant to her – not only for its role in her pursuit of science degrees, but also as a reminder that a word of encouragement can go a long way toward helping someone to pursue their dreams.